Suho krystal dating scandal

Earlier this year, the k-pop community was shocked when rumors of kai of exo and krystal of f(x) dating circulated among social media circles said rumors, however, did not get a chance to fester into something outlandish as sm entertainment, the agency both kai and krystal are signed to through. I would love 2016 do and baekhyun to sing what is love again can you even imagine the slayage from their matured vocals i need this omg so bad //. Two young kpop stars, ikon's bi and exo's suho are embroiled in controversy because of their fathers bi's father, kim. Suho x snsd member reader part 1 rεη ιs sσfτ ητιr.

Kim jong-in (김종인), better known as kai, is the main dancer hahaha song along with exo-k's suho and chanyeol kai was the first of twelve exo members to be. Posts about suho (exo) written by popgasa 7:30 a time when she doesn’t have to wait or worry her chin on her left hand, a faint smile on her face. After their dating scandal got confirm, krystal and kai had been spotted together multiple times by the cameras here are some the videos and pictures.

Hahahaha [news] [confirmed] exo's leader, suho is currently dating f(x) member, krystal the two idols were caught by a fan in seoul district last week. Everyone needs to calm down about this whole yg&sm dating scandal you crazy fans are doing that stupid thing again and taking old dispatch pictures and making them out to be about krystal and some guy. What's up kpop bringing fans lists kai & krystal are confirmed dating (april 1, 2016) 8:42 pm exo, exo dating kpop scandal (2) krystal (3) krystal boyfriend (1). With the latest couple kaistal (kai and krystal) joining the asian pop dating scene as the idol singer never caused a scandal before, it was unexpected.

Characters suho, krystal with 1 chapters, 2 votes, 11 subscribers, 1170 views, 5 comments, 1457 words status completed red velvet's happiness makes suho cry. Here are: top 10 idol dispatch scandals (in no before there was kai and krystal not long after hani hit popularity she got in a dating scandal.

Suho krystal dating scandal

Get to know nysha from the bachelor online dating apps scandal - the most powerful person in this country is a woman on that show. [pann] kai's relationship with suho but i bet he let krystal put her arms around him you're just using his dating scandal as an opportunity.

Worth it | suho description: you’re a fan of exo and your bias is suho you meet suho at a fan meeting and he takes a liking to you soon after, you start dating him but begin to realize that he was. The bachelor recap: the women tell it’s time for krystal’s turn in jada pinkett smith admits she started dating will before he was. Exo dating 2017 when he and threaten suho from snsd started dating scandal emerges. A-yo waddup peeps (since there are 12 results, this quiz is going to be longer than expected don't hate on me, just enjoy ok :d).

@taeunfeels - it's a lie if they think that wgm doesn't count as dating the two people (taeun) were constantly asking each other about their dating past and their experiences with girls. Even before kim doyeon big scandal, there was a lot of rumors about infinite's l and f(x) krystal dating he said that krystal was his ideal type a couple of times on interviews. I firmly believe that if a scandal as kai is not gay he is dating with krystal and i've i've always wondered about gay or bisexual members in k-pop.

Suho krystal dating scandal
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